• Scented 3-wick Candles

    Scented Candles turn your current environment into relaxation. All it takes is your fragrance of choice and you’re instantly in a scented wonderland.

    3-wick Candle Collection 
  • Scented Single wick Candles

    Single Wick Candles fills any room with beautiful, long-lasting fragrance in a bite size.

    Single Wick Candle Collect 
  • Fine Fragrance Mist

    Fine Fragrance Mist scents your skin with a light-as-air-mist that's super layerable. The truest way to fragrance is designed for great coverage

    Fragrance Mist Collection 
  • Shower Gel

    Shower Gels leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and beautifully fragranced. Infused with the good stuff (vitamin E and aloe) ina light, bubbly lather. This Gentle cleanser (a.k.a. daily indulgence)N is non-drying and dermatologist tested.

    Shower Gel Collection 
  • Moisturizing Body Wash

    Moisturizing Body Wash instantly hydrates and gently cleanses your skin with a rich, creamy lather. Infused with the good stuff (shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil). Clinically tested to moisturize after just one shower with added non-drying and dermatologist testing.

    Body Wash Collection 
  • Ultimate Hydration Body Cream

    Ultimate Hydration Body Cream leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and replenished, just like your favorite body cream—but with hyaluronic acid.

    Body Cream Collection 
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray

    Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray is enriched with nourishing aloe and essential oils, as the hand sanitizer spray kills 99.9% of most common germs, leaving hands clean, soft and lightly fragranced. Formula is 72% alcohol.

    Hand Spray Collection 
  • Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

    Gentle Foaming Hand Soap washes away germs and helps maintain skin's natural moisture barrier. Infused with the good stuff (natural essential oils, vitamin E, shea extract and aloe) in a light, luxurious foam.

    Hand Soap Collection 
  • Daily Nourishing Body Lotion

    Daily Nourishing Body Lotion provides 24 hours of nourishing moisture and leaves skin feeling noticeably softer after one use.

    Body Lotion Collection 
  • Concentrated Room Sprays

    Concentrated Room Sprays instantly freshen your home with two quick bursts of fragrance and fill every room with its very own Eau de Parfum!

    Room Spray Collection 
  • WallFlowers Fragrance Refill

    WallFlowers Frangrance Refills fills any room with noticeable, always-on fragrance. Enhanced fragrance made with natural essential oils that lasts up to 30 days. Effortless fragrance that welcomes you home and pairs with any Wallflowers fragrance plug (sold separately).

    WallFlower Refill Collection 
  • Shea Butter Cleansing Bar

    Cleansing Bars helps maintain your skin's natural moisture barrier and leaves you feeling fresh and clean at the same time.

    Cleansing Bar Collection 
  • Just For Men

    Definitely take a look at our men's body care collection – it’s a fabulous place to start. Boost his shower routine with a 3-in-1 Face + Hair + Body Wash. This blend has moisturizing vitamin E, soothing aloe vera and fluffy shea butter to keep him feeling soft, looking good and smelling amazing. We also love adding a matching deodorizing body spray, body cream and cologne to keep the scent going all day, every day.

    Men's Collection 

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